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What Crypto Sbarzotti exactly is?

The Crypto Sbarzotti is a collection of 10.000 unique characters registered as NFT (Non-fungible tokens) in the Ethereum blockchain, They are realized as pixel art. They are unique and unrepeatable, each character is different from the others.
The Crypto Sbarzotti are created using an algorithm that establishes the specific features.

What is Crypto Sbarzotti
History sbazotti

Where Sbarzotti come from?

There is some controversy over the word Sbarzotti. It all goes back in the far 2005 when a group of friends decided, all just caught up in a party euphoria, to dub them Sbarzotti.
Sbarzotti is the fusione of two italian words: Sbazzoni (/sbaz·ẓò·ni/) and Barzotti (/bar·ẓòt·to/). Barzotti (barzotto in the singular form) refers to egg cooking. You say an egg is barzotto when is not fully cooked, when is half-cooked. But our case has nothing to do with eggs. The matter is about male body parts not really erected and not really droopy.
They were just in that sort of middle place where attracted from the girls but at the same time unable to hit on them. They were just a group of guys that wanted to sbazzare which means to hang out and have fun, doing parties, and drink a lot. So they were barzotti that sbazzano, so they were Sbarzotti
The deeds this group carried out are innumerable. All the expressions and the jargon invented by them can be summarized by the emblematic exclamation: YUhuuh!

So how does this story fits Non-fungible tokens?

A little of history never hurts!

Preview of the crypto sbazotti
History sbazotti

How many identical Sbarzotti exists?

No one, each piece is unique, generated randomly using a specific algorithm.
One Sbarzotti can be owned by only one owner. But an owner can hold several Sbarzotti

Why should I buy one of these?

Because they're beautiful and built with full compliance and respect to our computer feelings and rights.

Preview of the crypto sbazotti
History sbazotti

Where to buy a Sbarzotti?

Sbarzotti can be purchased on And you can browse in the browse section.

What the f** is the diversity index? I thought you said each Sbarzotti is unique.

Yes, they are unique but similar in some aspects. the Diversity index indicates how the features of each character are unique or common.
The more the features are present, the more the Diversity index will be lower. A high Diversity index indicates a character that shares its features with a few others, so it is rarer. Although any Sbarzotti is rare and unrepeatable...
Ok, I think you got the picture.

Preview of the crypto sbazotti
History sbazotti

Can I resell a Sbarzotti?

Of course, you can. After buying one, you become the owner and you can do whatever you want.
I know a bunch of people that became rich buying and selling NFT on